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Released August 23, 2019

Data Published

  • Department of Commerce – Commercial Law Development Program – FY2018 Q3 – FY2019 Q1
  • Department of Energy – International Affairs – FY2019 Q2
  • Department of the Interior – Migratory Birds Program – FY2018 Q4 and FY2019 Q3
  • Department of State – FY2019 Q2 (partial)
  • Environmental Protection Agency – FY2015 Q1 – Q4


  • Department of Energy – FY2020 request
  • Department of Energy – FY2015 – FY2019 appropriations refresh
  • Overseas Private Investment Corporation – FY2017 – FY2019 appropriations and FY2019
  • FY2020 request
  • Overseas Private Investment Corporation FY2017 – FY2018 request refresh

Site Improvements

  • Updated user interface for Agency Landing page
  • Updated Agency Notes for Department of Labor, Environmental Protection Agency, Inter-American Foundation, and U.S. African Development Foundation

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