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Foreign Assistance in Ukraine

The Ukrainian people face a rare moment in their history. Following the 2013-2014 EuroMaidan revolution and Russia's occupation of Crimea, and in the midst of Russia's aggression in eastern Ukraine, Ukraine has a unique opportunity to either solidify its trajectory toward becoming a prosperous, democratic state governed by Western values or backslide into a corrupt, failed state. With sustained, focused U.S.~and international support, Ukraine can make the hard pivot towards genuine democracy and bring even closer the long-held U.S.~goal of realizing a Europe whole, free, and at peace. Ukraine has already demonstrated remarkable resilience: it has overcome the immediate crisis in the east, including the halt of further Russian incursion into the Donbas region; it has weathered intense political battles; and it has held its governing coalition together. The Government of Ukraine (GOU) has laid the foundations of a new system to fight corruption; it is working to reform comprehensively the police and law enforcement systems; and it is advancing constitutional reforms and decentralization, including by steadily incorporating a vibrant civil society into policymaking and reform processes. U.S.~assistance has played an indispensable role in supporting reform in these and other critical areas. The FY~2017 request will help the U.S.~government continue to support Ukraine at this historic juncture to reverse the damage wrought by 20 years of stagnation and authoritarian backsliding by leveraging U.S.~resources to implement and cement continuing reform. U.S.~assistance will help Ukraine elevate the fight against corruption; enhance energy security by lessening Kyiv's reliance on Russian energy sources; strengthen civil society and independent media; create an enabling business environment that attracts foreign and domestic investment, including through privatization; promote economic growth; stabilize and transform the financial sector; reform state-owned companies, including in the energy sector; reform the justice system; advance the health system towards a more Western model of care; improve the education system; and undertake extensive defense reforms to modernize Ukraine's military and security services and increase their interoperability with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Requested funding will also support nuclear security and nonproliferation controls as well as the Global Health Initiative (GHI) and the Global Climate Change (GCC) initiative. The United~States will continue to respond to rapidly evolving developments in Ukraine and coordinate closely with other donors to maximize the ability to achieve reform and promote U.S.~policy objectives.

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