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Foreign Assistance in Malawi

U.S. assistance in Malawi aims to overcome longstanding poverty and make Malawi a stronger, healthier, more democratic partner of the United States. More than one-half of the country's 17 million people live below the poverty line and more than one-third consume less than the required daily calories, contributing to the stunting of nearly one-half of children under-five years of age. Malawi continues to score poorly on major health indicators for maternal, infant, and under-five mortality. Eighty-five percent of households engage in agriculture activities and most rely almost exclusively on rain-fed subsistence farming that is particularly vulnerable to cyclical droughts. These challenges are compounded by threats from the highest rates of deforestation and population growth in the region. Only 50 percent of children complete primary school, and of those, only 68 percent successfully pass the exam to access public secondary school; only 15 percent of girls are enrolled in secondary school.

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Transaction Data | Malawi

Transaction data represents every individual financial record in an agency’s accounting system for program work with implementing partners and administrative expenses. Transaction data is the most granular form of financial data. Each data record - or financial transaction - contains qualitative data fields, including descriptive titles, vendor names, and location, along with the financial data. Thus, transaction data is called Disaggregated data as it disaggregates financial data into its most basic form.

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