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Inter-American Foundation

Agency Overview

The Inter-American Foundation (IAF) is an independent agency working throughout Latin America and the Caribbean to support citizen-led initiatives to help communities thrive. It prioritizes the social, economic, and political inclusion of the region’s most disadvantaged people, including: indigenous peoples, Afro-descendants, women, young people, persons with disabilities, and LGBTI groups.

IAF investments serve U.S. interests by creating economic opportunities, building more secure communities, and improving social inclusion and citizens’ participation in democratic practices. Communities that are safe, economically vibrant and have an engaged citizenry help build stronger U.S. alliances.

The IAF is active in thousands of communities throughout the region. It leverages the U.S. government’s investment by requiring grantee partners to invest their own resources in their projects, ensuring local commitment, multiplying the impact, and enhancing sustainability. Currently, each IAF dollar invested leveraged $1.36 in resources from grantees or other partners.

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Inter-American Foundation Data

U.S. government agencies are adding data to quarterly to comply with the Foreign Aid Transparency and Accountability Act of 2016. Each agency is required by law to report at FY2015 as the minimum base year.

Planned Funding By Fiscal Year | IAF

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Obligated Funding By Fiscal Year | IAF

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Spent Funding By Fiscal Year | IAF

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Transaction Data | IAF

Transaction data represents every individual financial record in an agency’s accounting system that has been processed in the given time period for program work with implementing partners and other administrative expenses. The data shown in the planned, obligated, and spent tabs represents the same financial data at a higher level of aggregation (by country and sector only), thus this data is called Aggregated data.

The transaction data shows the same financial data at a more granular level. Each data record - or financial transaction - contains qualitative data fields, including descriptive titles, vendor names, and location, along with the financial data. Thus, the transaction data is called Disaggregated data.

This data set will continue to be updated in accordance with Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Bulletin 12-01.

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