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Foreign Assistance By Country Office
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Country Office

This map is a graphical representation of the Dashboard’s available data on foreign assistance appropriations by fiscal year. The darker a country’s shading appears on the map, the more funding that U.S. Government country office received in that fiscal year. Users can switch between fiscal years by using the dropdown box in the top right corner of the page. Users can choose a country by clicking the map or by selecting the name of the country from the drop down box above.
Data Explanation

The data reflected in this map does not fully represent the total amount of foreign assistance available in a given fiscal year. At the time of request and appropriation, some funds are not requested at the country level. These funds are initially allocated to regional or functional offices for subsequent allocation to overseas offices or worldwide programs, and are not included in the heat map. In addition to funds from specific country offices, countries may receive funds from Regional or Functional offices, which are currently captured on regional and functional office pages.