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Understanding the Data

In accordance with the Office of Management and Budget's (OMB) Bulletin 12-01 - Guidance on Collection of U.S. Foreign Assistance Data, ForeignAssistance.gov aims to incorporate all U.S. Government foreign assistance budget planning, financial, and program data in a standard format. It will enable users to track, analyze, and monitor aid investments over time from initial Congressional request to disbursement at the activity level. The site is not an accounting tool, but a way to improve the U.S. Government's transparency agenda. Thus, it may not always be possible to trace funding amounts through the stages of the U.S. financial processes (appropriation, obligation, spent) on a dollar for dollar basis within the data.

These funds are invested around the world in many different sectors, and are implemented through a wide variety of partners. ForeignAssistance.gov consolidates all of this information, and much more, into one central, standardized repository. This is an ongoing effort as all of the information is not yet readily accessible.

Data is being added to ForeignAssistance.gov in an incremental and thorough way. Please see the What's Coming page to view the planned sequence for adding U.S. Government agencies to the website.

For more information about how funding is requested and appropriated and what it means to obligate and disburse funds, visit the About the Budget Process. The Glossary of Terms is also available to provide definitions of terms used throughout the site.